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Probey Services offers comprehensive Android app development services, creating apps that run smoothly across all Android devices. Our expertise ensures that your app is both powerful and user-friendly, leveraging tools like Java and Kotlin for optimal performance.

Android App Development


Initial Consultation

We discuss your business objectives and app requirements.

Design and Wireframing

Our design team creates a user-friendly interface and detailed wireframes.


Using Java and Kotlin, we develop the app with a focus on functionality and user experience.


Comprehensive testing is conducted to ensure the app is stable and performs well across various devices.


We assist with the deployment of the app to the Google Play Store and provide ongoing support.

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Requirement Gathering


UI/UX Design


App Development


Testing and Debugging


Deployment and Play Store Submission


Maintenance and Updates




Apps run smoothly across all Android devices, ensuring a wide reach.

User Engagement

Enhanced functionality and user experience to keep users engaged.


Apps are designed to scale with your business needs, allowing for growth and expansion.





ShopEase, an emerging e-commerce platform, needed a robust Android app to provide a seamless shopping experience for their customers.


We developed a high-performance app with advanced search capabilities, secure checkout options, and personalized product recommendations. Our team integrated real-time inventory management and push notifications to keep users informed about new arrivals and special offers.


The app boosted ShopEase’s sales by 45% and improved customer retention rates by 30%, establishing the brand as a reliable online shopping destination.

Challenge: TravelGuru, a travel booking service, wanted an engaging Android app to enhance their user experience and streamline the booking process.

Solution: Probey Services created a user-friendly app with real-time booking, personalized travel recommendations, and integrated payment gateways. We focused on providing a fast and reliable booking experience, even during peak times.

Outcome: The app enhanced user engagement, leading to a 25% increase in bookings and a 15% improvement in customer satisfaction scores.


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Help & FAQ


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